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Electronic Melt Warmers and Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers!

We're super excited to release a new range this week! We now have Electronic Melt Warmers and Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers available for sale! To have a look at our gorgeous new range, please head over to our collections  page. These products are the perfect release for these chilly winter months!

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We're going on holidays!

Please note that from the 5th of April we're going to explore the amazing sights of Japan! For this reason, any orders placed after this date will not be shipped until we get back in May. Our aim will be to ship any outstanding orders within two weeks of our return. However, please understand that this is dependant on how many orders are placed whilst we are away. We will be posting all orders on a first come first served basis when we come back in May. We appreciate your understanding!

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Labelling changes

Hello lovely people! We just wanted to give you a quick update on our labelling changes. Please note that we’ve started labelling our products slightly differently. Our products are now labelled by weight instead of volume. This is to allow for more accurate measurements. But don’t worry! We’ve actually always weighed our products, so you’re not getting any less product than before, this is just to make sure there is no inconsistencies as we have recently changed our jars. Our website has been updated to correspond with this change. Orders placed on or before the 5th of February will state the product is in millilitres on the order, however the product will be labelled accurately in grams. We appreciate your...

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