About Us

My names Sarah, I'm a Registered Nurse based in Western Australia who loves all things colour, glitter and fragrance!
Phoenix Bath and Body began as an avenue to channel my creativity and my love for all things colour and fragrance! We sell cruelty free products with only one aim - to make people feel and smell amazing.
We sell a huge variety of products including all things bath and body, candles, diffusers, melts and just about anything you can think of that will make you and your home smell fabulous.
All of our products are crafted in Australia with locally sourced ingredients. None of our products are tested on animals, none of our products ever will be tested on animals, and nor will we ever support any ingredients tested on animals (FYI - our goats milk is sourced from a local goat that is treated like a family member!).
Our products are all crafted with the highest degree of precision and accuracy. This may sound ridiculous and you may be sitting there thinking - 'huh? it's a bath bomb.. Is this person serious?'. You're damn right I'm serious! We like our products to perform at the highest standards. All of our products are tested (on people only!) prior to being listed on our website. We only produce our products in the absolute cleanest of environments and adhere to all Australian national licensing standards.
Our products are quality, we ensure that they are worth it.
And most importantly - our customers matter to us. Your opinion matters. We love to hear ALL feedback; good, bad and everything in between. Please do not hesitate to contact us - we love hearing from you!
A phoenix represents purity, clarity, rebirth, renewal, longevity, creativity, protection, resurrection (metaphorically), re-emergence, and transformation. These are characteristics that we feel wholeheartedly about at Phoenix Bath and Body. We aim to take a unique and holistic approach towards the needs of our customers, creating cruelty free products that meet their needs.