Sugar Scrubs

Our sugar scrubs are infused with sweet almond oil and zinc oxide. Sweet almond oil is known to have a huge array of skin loving properties. It is known to be able to cleanse, moisturise, tone, and soothe skin. It is also a very light oil which helps it to absorb into the skin very easily without as greater risk of causing blemishes like other, heavier oils.
Zinc oxide is what's used in - you guessed it - sunscreen! It is also the main ingredient in most nappy rash and barrier creams. Why would we put this in a body scrub, you ask? Well! We did some research and found that zinc oxide has amazing properties making it perfect for a body scrub! It helps to reduce irritation and inflammation whilst forming a skin loving barrier (which is why it is usually the main ingredient in nappy rash creams!). It is known to not only help wound healing but also protect from bacterial infections (fun fact - pimples are caused by bacterial infections!), funnily enough.. this means that it is also known to help reduce and get rid of acne.
These properties make it perfect for a scrub as scrubs can leave the skin reddened post exfoliation, the sweet almond oil and zinc that is infused into this scrub helps to lessen these after effects, plus help to assist in reducing redness, tone and tighten skin and reduce outbreaks, leaving your skin looking and feeling nourished.